Assisted Stretching

Gentle assisted stretching can be incredibly therapeutic for those with limited mobility. I will guide you through a personalized sequence of postures and movements based on your current condition and long term goals. Assistance allows the body to remain more relaxed while lengthening muscles and connective tissue creating better circulation and improved flexibility. Restorative yoga postures (passive and often incorporating props such as straps, blocks, blankets, and bolsters) calm the nervous system allowing the body to rebalance and heal. 


At My Studio

Single 1-hour session – $120
1 hour sessions – monthly commitment
once per week – $100
twice per week – $160

Initial 90-minute session – $150

New student private session special: 

Three 1-hr sessions $250

At your home or office*

Single 1-hour session – $150
1-hour sessions – monthly commitment
once per week $130
twice per week $220

Initial 90-minute session – $180

* rates may vary depending on location

“After recovering from my lower back surgery, I began one-on-one sessions with Nikki. In a short time I was able to improve my flexibility and start enjoying an active lifestyle once again.”


~Paul Covelo 

Retired Executivee

Nikki teaches creatively combining her extensive knowledge and understanding of her clients needs. My biggest takeaway was that I learned how to slow down my busy life when I needed to, relax my mind and re-energize for whatever is next.”

~ Michelle King Robson

Founder & Former CEO

Tel: 303-515-1477

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