Due to the Coronavirus 

I'm currently teaching all classes via Zoom

Level 1-2: In-depth guidance and instruction of foundational and intermediate level yoga postures, breathing techniques, and meditation practices. Students will become familiar with props and how they can be utilized to improve their practice. Lots of care and personalized attention. A great knowledge and confidence building class.

Slow Flow – Level 2: A slow, meditative flow from one posture to the next. Some yoga experience recommended as the class will incorporate some advanced postures. Expect a warm-up, peak, and cool down. You’ll leave peacefully energized.

Slow Flow / Deep Stretch (aka Weds Night Special): This class combines slow flowing movements with deep/restorative stretches. Many props are utilized such as blankets, blocks, straps, and bolsters. A perfect balance to our busy lives and work-out routines. Leave feeling blissful =)

Yoga Sculpt/Meditation: 45 minutes of yoga and strength building with weights followed by a 15 min meditation practice. Stretch, get your heart rate up, build strength, and then rest in stillness - the best of everything!  

So Hum Drop-in $20

So Hum – 10 class package $200 

New student private session special: Three 1-hr sessions $180
Couples semi-private special: Three 1-hour sessions $250

Monthly auto-renew memberships:

Up to 5 classes - $80

Up to 9 classes - $150

Unlimited classes - $180

"As a beginner, Nikki helps me with proper alignment and breathing.   When I do join a class of more advanced students, Nikki makes me feel secure and competent.  Because her classes are small, she can help me adapt the pose to my abilities."


~ Janice Johnson

Hiking Guide

"I really appreciated the small class size. Nikki is able to give individual guidance and attention that isn't feasible for instructors of larger classes to give. I feel confident in knowing that I'm moving and positioning safely and correctly."


~ Kellen Brewer

Manager Private Health Clinic

"I take Nikki's Yin/Restorative class once a week and use this class to balance my Orange Theory workouts.  Yin helps me stretch out my tight muscles and helps me relax my busy mind too.  I love the small, peaceful setting and can't wait for the outside classes in the summer."


~ Marli Overman

Life Coach

"What I love so much about Nikki is that she seems to intuitively know what you need and she always provides that in a very safe and loving setting."


~ Michelle Moreno

Corporate Account Manager

"I sleep so great after doing a restorative yoga at So Hum!  The purposeful recovery seems to super-charge the results I get from the gym, and it has kept me injury-free even though I'm hard on my body."


~ Neal Landauer

Financial Planner

"Honestly, words fail to fully convey what I feel Nikki brings to her teaching but, collectively, the following scratch the surface:  professional, expert, knowledgeable, caring, patient, attentive, compassionate, encouraging, and, spiritual."


~ Tom Hassle

Captain USDHS

Tel: 303-515-1477

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