I am a certified Life Transition & Recovery Coach and am passionate about helping individuals establish optimal health and balance in their lives. For more information click here 

Recovery isn't just about addiction. It is the path to restore life's balance after having lost it.

Do you desire...

  • A plan for a sustainably healthy lifestyle

  • Improved physical, mental, and emotional stability

  • Greater peace of mind

  • Increased inspiration, motivation, and sense of purpose

  • Overall stress reduction

  • Improved mood and clarity

  • Clearer sense of direction

  • Better quality of sleep

  • A brighter outlook and attitude

What you will gain through my coaching:

  • Tools and techniques to prevent and manage stress

  • New perspectives on life and its challenges

  • Helpful strategies for overcoming obstacles

  • Goal setting and strategizing

  • Personalized self care practices

  • Individualized yoga, diet, and lifestyle plans

  • Unbiased reflection

  • Someone to hold you accountable

  • Support, guidance and encouragement

  • Compassion and honesty

In 6 months my repertoire for self knowledge, diet, introspection and self love have improved tremendously Thanks to Nikki's perspectives. Her disposition is incredibly kind and compassionate, while also being actionable and thought provoking. She is more than a coach, and truly became my champion in numerous aspects of my life. I would recommend Nikki as a health and wellness coach to my family and close friends, without hesitation.

~ Michael K.

Digital Transformation Consultant

Nikki has successful coached me through some of the mentally and emotionally toughest situations I've had to face, in both my health journey and it's effect in my career. She's given me tools to work with based on my own specific energies and personal needs. Her work was both action and accountability oriented. Her vast experience is apparent, and has brought her incredible wisdom that contributes invaluably to championing me through some very real life changes and challenges.

~ Anthony McIver

Small Business Owner

Nikki coaches creatively combining her extensive knowledge and understanding of her clients needs. My biggest takeaway was that I learned how to slow down my busy life when I needed to, relax my mind and re-energize for whatever is next.”

~ Michelle King Robson

Founder & Former CEO

We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.

 ~ Albert Einstein

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