So Hum Yoga Bungalow is a home studio in South Denver near DU/Wash Park.


I offer a variety of group classes, privates and special events year round. My indoor studio fits 8 and the outdoor yoga deck fits 15. Enjoy personalized attention, beautiful settings, and a welcoming community.

Why 'So Hum'?

So Hum is an ancient sanskrit mantra I have used and taught for years. It translates to I AM or I AM THAT. To me THAT is that infinite PEACE that lies beneath everything else - our thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and general noise. It's something that never changes and is always present. Everything else in our lives is ever changing and we can get so caught up in it that we forget what is underneath. So Hum is a reminder. We can chant it. We can repeat it silently to ourselves as we breathe in and out. We can contemplate it's meaning. It's my favorite mantra because it's simple, available to all, and powerful.

Clearly it's not just coincidence that I live on South Humboldt =)

The indoor space is filled with soft natural light and the mellow yellow walls embrace the energy in the room. Trees are my favorite plants so there's nothing better than yoga outside on the deck under Nikki's beautiful tree!.

~ Janice Johnson
Hiking Guide

"Practicing in the home studio at So Hum feels like how yoga was meant to be experienced, with the intimacy of small groups and the homey vibes of a private ashram." 

~ Neal Landauer
Financial Planner

Tel: 303-515-1477

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